John Krasinski and Emily Blunt At the time Broke Into Jimmy Kimmel’s House

John Krasinski has a lot in prevalent with his most well known character. Jim Halpert of The Office is a straightforward male. He loves Pam and pranks. Change Pam with Emily Blunt, and which is mainly Krasinski. He enjoys pranks nearly as a great deal as his on-monitor individuality, and he and Blunt are major #RelationshipGoals. They’ve been married just about 11 yrs, and she’s just as prank joyful as he is. A single of his most renowned prank wars is in fact pretty comparable to a prank war among Jim and Dwight on The Office. 

(L-R) John Krasinski and Emily Blunt | Jeff Kravitz/Getty Photos

John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel had a Xmas prank war 


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The Place of work is generally one long prank war. Dwight and Jim are continually a person-upping each and every other. But the Xmas pranks ended up some of the finest. A person of the most notorious Xmas episodes of The Office starts off off with Jim innocently admiring snowfall. But the conversation in period seven’s “Classy Christmas” took a darker turn. Right after Dwight tends to make enjoyable of Jim, who instantly goes exterior to get a snowball to throw at Dwight. This leads to a very long, drawn-out snowball battle, and ultimately to Dwight looking at as Jim tears aside dozens of snowmen in the parking whole lot, striving to determine out which 1 Dwight is hiding in. 

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