John Lennon Reported This Song Would Hit No. 1 But It Did not

John Lennon had a notable vocation, on the other hand, he didn’t get to do every little thing he wanted. For case in point, he desired to do the B side for a tune but he didn’t. Curiously, John thought the A facet was going to be a No. 1 hit. Here’s a look at the tale of the tune.

John Lennon | George Stroud / Stringer

John Lennon worked on a track that was deliberately ‘distorted’

Yoko Ono and John ended up not just romantically concerned — they often collaborated artistically. They produced several collaborative albums, which includes Unfinished Songs No. 1: Two Virgins and Double Fantasy. In addition, Yoko contributed to John’s solo perform and vice versa. 1 of the notable songs they the two labored on was “Walking on Thin Ice.”

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