John Lydon Wrote ‘Holidays in the Sun’ Immediately after Officials Barred the Band From Entering the Channel Islands

It is no mystery that the Sex Pistols wreaked havoc almost everywhere they went, but it affected frontman John Lydon’s holiday ideas. When he and the punk band decided to consider a split from recording songs, they prepared to go to the Channel Islands off the coast of England. Given the Sexual intercourse Pistols’ illustrious shenanigans, officials barred them from entering. Lydon could not imagine it, so he wrote a song about it.

Intercourse Pistols’ Johnny Rotten and Steve Jones | Chris Walter/WireImage

Recording Sex Pistols’ ‘Never Head the Bollocks’ was chaos, in accordance to John Lydon

Lydon seemed again at Never Thoughts the Bollocks for its 40th anniversary in 2017. He told Rolling Stone, “Bollocks was these types of a sound piece of function, however when we had been recording it, it felt something but.”

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