John Oliver Referred to as ‘Air Bud’ ‘One of the Most Flagrant Illustrations of America’s Fetish for Carceral Methods Ever’ Filmed

Air Bud stays in the hearts of numerous moviegoers to this day. However, it has a genuinely ridiculous premise that extends considerably over and above a canine that performs basketball. Tv converse show host John Oliver deconstructed Disney‘s Air Bud. He stated why he phone calls it “one of the most flagrant illustrations of America’s fetish for carceral alternatives ever.”

John Oliver deconstructed the story of ‘Air Bud’

John Oliver | Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Moments via Getty Pictures

Charles Martin Smith directed 1997’s Air Bud, which is a family movie that touched lots of audiences close to the environment. It spawned numerous sequels that turned more and more detached from the original method. The host of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver produced an online special to deconstruct Air Bud.

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