Jonathan Majors’ Globe of Bodybuilding Loses Steam

Actor Jonathan Majors is a powerhouse of a performer, disappearing into any position he inhabits. He the moment once more does accurately in his transformation into the earth of bodybuilding obsession in the extreme drama Journal Goals. The 1st 50 percent introduces a fascinating premise, despite the fact that it loses its way and under no circumstances rather manages to obtain a way to get well.

‘Magazine Dreams’ dives into the world of bodybuilding

'Magazine Dreams' Jonathan Majors as Killian Maddox wearing a speedo, standing in a dark room with chandeliers
Jonathan Majors as Killian Maddox | Glen Wilson / Courtesy of Sundance Institute

Killian Maddox (Majors) lives with his veteran grandfather, who he allows consider treatment of. Meanwhile, he attends court-mandated treatment appointments and performs at a nearby grocery store, exactly where he admires a cashier (Haley Bennett) he has a crush on. Even so, Killian just cannot feel to garner the energy to talk to her out thanks to his social anxieties.

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