Like and Thunder’ Star Natalie Portman Performed Her Initially Action Hero at Age 13

For around a 10 years, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has been a admirer-favourite hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The God of Thunder is now 1 of the only unique Avengers continue to actively main new stories in the MCU. But he’s fulfilled his match in Thor: Really like and Thunder, which sees Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster arise as Mighty Thor. Even though Portman may possibly look like an not likely action hero, she starred in her initially motion movie many years ago.

Natalie Portman is Mighty Thor in ‘Thor: Enjoy and Thunder’

Natalie Portman attends Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Adore and Thunder” Los Angeles Premiere at El Capitan Theatre on June 23, 2022, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

When followers initial met Jane Foster in 2011’s Thor, she was a scientist who rapidly fell for Thor. The two fashioned an alliance and ultimately a romantic connection. And just after they had been reunited in Thor: The Dark Entire world, they officially began a partnership. But by the situations of Thor: Ragnarok, Jane seemingly had dumped Thor, a heartbreak that ongoing to fester for a long time.

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