Lovers Say ‘Obesity Med’ Will not Have the ‘Gratuitous Freak Present Aspects’ Like ‘My 600-Lb Life’

Truth Tv set admirers have long liked the TLC network’s offerings. From the story of Jon & Kate As well as 8 to My Weird Habit, TLC usually showcases fringe elements of modern society, spotlighting individuals and situations that do not generally accomplish fact present stardom. Nevertheless lots of viewers like TLC’s exceptional programs, other individuals have located fault with certain shows, like the notorious My 600-lb Existence. And now that TLC recently released Obesity Med, spotlighting the effects of living with obesity, some lovers are taking to Reddit to review the two series.

What similarities do ‘Obesity Med’ and ‘My 600-Lb Life’ share?

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My 600-Lb Life has been likely solid considering the fact that it premiered on TLC in 2012. It attracts legions of new and returning viewers every single season. The show follows morbidly obese people today who usually get started each individual episode weighing at least 600 lbs. All through each and every period, lovers look at as the subjects attempt to attain a wholesome body weight once and for all by adopting healthful practices and most likely going through surgical procedures.

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