Maggie Q vs. Michael Keaton for the Hitman’s Human body Warmth

The Protégé is a good action movie designed by a significant caliber group. If you like action-packed shoot ‘em ups witty banter alongside the way, The Protégé will make you delighted. Maggie Q and Michael Keaton make screenwriter Richard Wenk’s words sing. And, director Martin Campbell crafts his best action scenes outdoors of James Bond

Maggie Q | Simon Varsano/Lionsgate

Maggie Q IS ‘The Protégé’

In Da Nang, Vietnam in 1991, Moody (Samuel L. Jackson) rescues the lone survivor of a violent assault. 30 years later on, Moody and Anna (Maggie Q) even now do the job collectively. Just so you know how good Anna is for the rest of the motion picture, she takes out some generic Romanian gangsters. Someone’s bought to. 

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