Melora Hardin Returns As Maggie’s Mother, Patricia Bloom

In A Million Minimal Things Season 4 Episode 18, Maggie’s mother (Melora Hardin) returns to the ABC drama for a surprise go to. In episode 17, a fertility health practitioner gave Maggie (Allison Miller) and Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) undesirable news. The couple did not conceive on the initial try on the other hand, Maggie is hopeful as their journey proceeds. She does not expect a surprise take a look at from her mom, Patricia Bloom. Here’s a recap of what transpired last with Maggie and her mom and why Melora Hardin seems to be so common. 

‘A Million Small Things’: Melora Hardin as Maggie’s mother, Patricia Bloom | ABC/Darko Sikman

Who performs Maggie’s mother in ‘A Million Small Things’?

Melora Hardin has portrayed Maggie’s mom, Patricia Bloom, since A Million Minimal Issues Season 1. In episode 16, “Rosary,” she to start with appeared when Maggie went in for surgical procedure. Despite the fact that Gary and Patricia did not hit it off at very first, they bonded in the hospital chapel that episode.

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