Nathan Shelley’s Nick Mohammad Is ‘Nervous’ About the ‘Way Year 2 Ends’

Nick Mohammad is worried about the ending of Ted Lasso Period 2. The actor who performs Nathan Shelley, or “Nate the great” as Jason Sudeikis’ title character phone calls him, worries there could be “aftermath” after the ultimate installment in the 12-episode period airs. 

What is happened with Nate so significantly in ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2? 

Nick Mohammed in ‘Ted Lasso’ Year 2 | AppleTV+

At the stop of Ted Lasso Season 1, Nate obtained promoted from AFC Richmond’s devices manager or “kit man” to assistant coach. Ted (Sudeikis) and the relaxation of the crew experienced a ceremony in the locker room in which they informed Nate the very good news and introduced him with a whistle. 

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