‘Only Hope’ From ‘A Walk To Remember’ Basically Wasn’t Written For The Movie, But Was Especially Preferred For It

A Wander To Remember is just one of those people intimate movies from the early 2000s that have long gone on to be a traditional. No issue how many instances it is watched, it can bring you to tears or make your coronary heart swoon, relying on which element of the movie you are on. And “Only Hope,” sung by Mandy Moore in the film, not only holds a exclusive spot in fans’ hearts but also for the characters’ as well. 

While the song is specially remembered for A Walk To Try to remember now — at minimum for most persons — it was not prepared for the film. It was in fact penned a long time prior by the band that supplied a several music for the movie, Switchfoot. 

‘Only Hope’ performs a vital function in ‘A Wander To Remember’ 

Mandy Moore sings in a scene from the film ‘A Wander To Remember’, 2002. (Image by Warner Brothers/Getty Photos)

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A Stroll To Remember was the original The Fault in Our Stars-variety of film, in which just one of the key people in the enjoy tale is terminally sick but the people fall in appreciate regardless of it all. They seem to be to defeat the odds and discover really like. 

For Jamie and Landon, however, it was also a mix of Romeo and Juliet thrown in there as well. They have been complete opposites with definitely diverse backgrounds and perception systems. And though Landon’s mates have been accountable for a great deal of the ridicule Jamie confronted at faculty (after she and Landon became good friends), it did not halt their eventual romance. 

Landon has to join the college perform that Jamie is by now a part of and her character (in the participate in) sings the music “Only Hope.” At this level, they’re presently slipping “in like” with just one one more. But her lovely voice, put together with the dress she’s sporting, and the condition it is a quite pivotal instant in Landon’s realization of his feelings for Jamie. And he gives her an improvised kiss afterward it was their initial and it was in entrance of the viewers.

As stated ahead of, the song is possibly a person of the most nicely-identified tracks from the film, or at minimum the one particular most associated with A Walk To Try to remember. On the other hand, it was not penned for the film. 

Switchfoot, acknowledged for tunes “Meant To Live” and “Dare You To Shift,” wrote the tune “Only Hope” and set it out on their 1999 album New Way To Be Human. Nowadays they’re a somewhat well-identified band, but back then they were being not. So why did they get the gig?

Christianity Today noted in 2002 that Moore’s manager, Jon Leshay, who was also the tunes supervisor for A Stroll To Remember, actually preferred them and “instantly wanted” their songs in the movie. It turned a “vital ingredient” to the soundtrack. In addition to “Only Hope” and “Dare You To Go,” the music “Learning to Breathe” and “You” and went on the soundtrack. Christianity Currently claimed in 2002 that Leshay went on to develop into the band’s manager just after that as perfectly. 

Mandy Moore liked the song again then and carried out it once again in 2020

At that time, Moore informed the site that Switchfoot have been “by far” her “favorite new band above the past yr,” because of to studying about them and listening to their tunes for a 12 months “non-end.” 

“The tunes are so significant, attractive and straight from the heart,” Moore reported. “I know I’m a little bit of a late-comer, but I am convinced this band is heading to be big and there are no 4 fellas that are much more deserving of good results than them.”

Almost 20 several years later, in 2020, Moore went on her Instagram are living and sang “Only Hope” for the initial time due to the fact A Stroll To Keep in mind and it felt like just about no time had handed at all. 

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