Ozzy Osbourne Unveiled What Beatles Song He Wants Performed at His Funeral

Ozzy Osbourne discovered what he thought of The Beatles in relation to other 1960s bands. He reported he required a person of The Beatles’ renowned music played at his funeral. On the other hand, he explained his father experienced a distinct perspective toward the Fab Four.

Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath | Ian Dickson/Redferns

Ozzy Osbourne uncovered how his father reacted to a Fab 4 song

Through a 2019 interview with GQ, Osbourne disclosed he has a significant view of The Beatles even although his father did not. “I don’t forget taking part in The Beatles to my dad and he goes, ‘What are you playing that s*** for?’ And I go, ‘It’s The Beatles!’ and he goes, ‘Oh, they’ll hardly ever become just about anything!’” Osbourne was in disbelief. “Can you feel he mentioned that about the f****** Beatles?” he stated. “It was these kinds of an astounding time for music in the ’60s. When well-liked music strike me, it was like magic was in the air.”

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