Paul McCartney Says a Tree Can help Him Recall George Harrison

George Harrison and Paul McCartney achieved in 1957 following they understood that they went to the exact same college. They turned pals, and George was like Paul’s small brother. A yr later on, Paul asked George to be a part of his and John Lennon’s band, The Quarrymen. George was only 15, nevertheless he impressed all people with his guitar-taking part in techniques. Reflecting on his time in The Beatles, Paul is aware that he certainly underestimated George. He was a late bloomer, but George wrote some of The Beatles’ most important hits.

George and Paul may possibly have fought at times, but they were relatives. As George was dying, Paul sat at his bedside and held his hand for several hours. Soon after George’s demise, only 1 point helped Paul grieve his finest good friend.

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