Public Enemy Referred to as Elvis Presley ‘Racist’ in ‘Fight the Power’: ‘It Was Nothing at all Personal’

“Fight the Power” by Public Enemy is one of the most well known rap tracks of the 1980s. All through the song, rapper Chuck D refers to Elvis Presley as a “f*cking racist.” Here’s why General public Enemy bundled the line in “Fight the Power” — even while Chuck D stated he experienced no challenge with Elvis.

Elvis Presley | Bettmann / Contributor

Community Enemy member Chuck D experienced mixed thoughts on Elvis Presley, regardless of ‘Fight the Power”s lyrics

Elvis drew loads of inspiration from Black tunes in the course of his early vocation. Music like “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Hound Doggy,” and “That’s All Right” absolutely would not be the exact same if Black blues/rhythm and blues artists like Robert Johnson had not paved the way for them. Their perform paved the way for all rock songs.

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