Seventeen Member Kim Mingyu Faces Sexual Harassment and Bullying Accusations

As K-Pop rises in acceptance throughout the world, performers are dealing with increased scrutiny into the two their present and past conduct. The K-Pop scene has its honest share of dark sides, together with how performers are treated by labels, how supporters stalk performers, and even how labels defend performers from the effects of their conduct. Now, Kim Mingyu of Seventeen is struggling with accusations that he was bully in university, together with accusations of sexual harassment. 

Kim Mingyu’s ex-classmate claims bullying

Kim Mingyu of Seventeen performs in live performance | Omar Vega/Getty Visuals

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Numerous diverse posters have come forward in on-line communities, boasting that Kim Mingyu of Seventeen was a bully for the duration of his college times. According to All KPop, a person this sort of poster claimed that Kim Mingyu was a member of a delinquent team of students. 

They went on to declare that he usually skipped class, smoked and drank underage, and stole dollars from her. 

Screenshots of group chats, also furnished by All KPop, advise that Kim Mingyu also bullied a disabled pupil throughout his time in university. Messages purport that Mingyu employed to throw desks and rubbish at the disabled pupil. 

“The victims have been conversing about this difficulty right before it surfaced. They were hesitant to expose the fact due to the fact Mingyu was a common idol member,” wrote just one of the unique posters. 

“We made a decision to raise our voice mainly because we observed a further man or woman on Nate Pann talk up. We are fearful we will get retaliation from the perpetrator and his enthusiasts, but we want to expose that he’s not a awesome person that a whole lot of people believe that,” they included.

Pledis Leisure has released a statement denying the accusations of bullying. 

“We have verified with Mingyu that the claims are groundless and totally false. We do not realize who is making these claims and with what intention,” they wrote.

Kim Mingyu of Seventeen faces sexual harassment claims

Seventeen member Kim Mingyu performs in concert
Seventeen member Kim Mingyu performs in concert | Omar Vega/Getty Pictures

However, bullying is not the only allegation Kim Mingyu of Seventeen is experiencing. A woman university student arrived forward on on the web neighborhood Nate Pann on February 25, saying that Mingyu had sexually harassed her through their time in faculty. 

“That boy would also…say sexual jokes around me. He would say people points even with the instructor about,” wrote the initial poster.

“It was to the point the teacher had to say, ‘Don’t say individuals things because we have girls right here.’ It was not as terrible when the instructor was there, but he did not modify a bit when the teacher wasn’t in the classroom.”

“I am suffering from despair and panic, so I did not want to fight versus anyone if I do make this submit. I also assumed he was only terrible to me. On the other hand, I determined to produce this write-up for the reason that so lots of folks ended up shielding him from the other allegations,” she added.

Lovers react to the Seventeen news

Kim Mingyu of Seventeen performs in concert
Kim Mingyu of Seventeen performs in concert | Omar Vega/Getty Photos

Netizens have experienced mixed reactions to the news about Kim Mingyu and Seventeen. Although some have dismissed the claims as “haters” seeking to carry Mingyu down, other individuals are pointing out that victims must be listened to.

“The reality that any person is dismissing promises as ‘haters’ displays how considerably the music industry’s propaganda machine has appear in creating a rabid enthusiast foundation,” pointed out 1 Redditor.

“IDK what to say. Seventeen has the brightest image… if this is all correct (and I concur it is very damning proof) it seriously just reveals the moment much more that you simply cannot acquire the picture idols current to the globe at confront worth,” added one more.

“Before anybody starts questioning the sufferer, just permitting you that the victim has furnished documentation from when she had to seek out remedy, in which she has talked about what particularly transpired in her sessions, due to this condition and delivered proof that she and Mingyu attended the exact center university,” famous an additional Redditor

How to get aid: In the U.S., call the RAINN Nationwide Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 to link with a qualified team member from a sexual assault provider supplier in your place. 

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