Steve-O Reveals Why His Voice Appears So Trashed (It Was not Prescription drugs or Swallowing Glass)

MTV‘s Jackass daredevil Steve-O‘s raspy voice may be 1 of his perfectly-identified attributes but it didn’t get that way simply because of the drugs, swallowing glass, or breathing fire.

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He not long ago puzzled how his voice grew to become so hoarse and embarked upon an exploration physical exercise. “Honestly, I constantly considered that my planet file for barfing the most on tv could have some thing to do with it,” Steve-O shared in a current YouTube video clip.

“God, I was a f**king maniac. I necessarily mean, chewing and swallowing glass …that couldn’t have been good for my voice,” he pondered.  Steve-O thinks his voice has gotten even worse so he ultimately consults with a professional medical expert.

Was Steve-O born this way?

Steve-O thinks he understands what happened to his voice. “But out of all the drug use, what I considered did the most injury to my voice was the nitrous oxide,” he mentioned. “God, I did so a lot of that things. I would invest in 600 at a time, and that would only final me 24 to 36 hrs. Sheesh!”

So was it the nitrous? Dr. J. Randolph Schnitman, a doctor who specializes in problems of the ear, nose, and throat examined Steve-O and came to only a person summary: Steve-O doesn’t use his vocal cords to make seems but rather makes use of a muscle in his throat. out?v=VtcqkEG4Gv0

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“Really, doc?” Steve-O stated, stunned. “After every thing I’ve been as a result of, you are just telling me I just suck at talking.” Steve-O could adjust his voice with therapy and training. But he’s not absolutely sure he needs to modify it.

“But I don’t even know if I want my voice to change,” he stated. “I variety of like receiving regarded in excess of the phone—and my female darn absolutely sure doesn’t want anything unique. But I’m nevertheless heading to give it hell since maybe I can use it in a additional balanced way.”

When Steve-O’s voice is au naturel, comedian Artie Lange destroyed his nose from inadvertently snorting crushed glass alongside with crushed OxyContin tablets. Fans seen that Lange’s nose appeared smashed or deflated in 2018. He dealt with his physical appearance on Twitter. “This is it but I think her nose had a septum and experienced not been hideously deformed owing to over 3 many years of drug abuse,” he wrote.

“My nose appears to be like it got hit w 32 yrs of gambling medicine booze strippers Whores,” he shared on Twitter. “Good women of all ages Undesirable females Cherished ones dying. Beloved kinds leaving stand up Comedy The street Films Tv set radio publications /desires coming accurate. Goals not /anger jails rehabs psychological wards detoxes cigarettes & fun.”

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Botched surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif supplied to repair Lange’s nose. But he experienced a stern warning. “When you have a ton of trauma to the septum, the septum is a partition that divides the left and the right nasal cavity,” Nassif informed TMZ.  “Because if I go and rebuild that nose, and I have to use tissue from the scalp.” On the other hand, Lange simply cannot do medication ever once again. “Because if we repair his nose and he introduces drugs into the nose again, it will collapse, but this time only even worse,” Nassif claimed.

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