Steven Spielberg Directed 3 Movies with Poor Scores on Rotten Tomatoes

Steven Spielberg‘s filmography is nearly unmatched in Hollywood. Even those administrators who in the same way have built blockbuster hits fall limited. Spielberg, immediately after all, directed this kind of legendary movies as Jaws, Raiders of the Shed Ark, E.T. the Further-Terrestrial, and Jurassic Park. Collectively, his flicks changed the way cinema was designed and viewed as. But even Spielberg has found a several motion pictures flop with critics over the years.

Steven Spielberg | Common Pictures/Fotos International/Getty Photos

Steven Spielberg has built an remarkable number of hits

Really, movies these kinds of as Jaws and Jurassic Park weren’t only economic hits. Most of Spielberg’s most well-known motion pictures also gained more than critics as significantly as audiences. Quite often, critics could possibly shun mainstream crowdpleasers like these flicks. So the point that critics mostly praise Spielberg’s suggests a great deal about his name in the enterprise.

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