The Beatles’ ‘Rain’ Was the B-Side to ‘Paperback Writer’ For 1 Certain Rationale

The Beatles’ released their common track “Rain” as the B-facet to “Paperback Author.” This could be recognized as implying that a keep track of as excellent as “Rain” was not great adequate to be an A-side. Through an job interview, Paul McCartney discovered why The Beatles made the decision to make “Rain” a B-aspect.

The Beatles | John Pratt/Keystone/Getty Pictures

Paul McCartney opens up about the variation among The Beatles’ ‘Paperback Writer’ and ‘Rain’

“Paperback Writer” is surely a great Beatles track, but it’s not significantly groundbreaking. It is a fun folk rock track about an exciting character. “Rain,” on the other hand, helps make revolutionary use of backwards appears. A person could argue that “Rain” is a extra crucial track than “Paperback Writer” as it paved the way for a lot of psychedelic experimentation from The Beatles and other bands. So why did The Beatles make it a B-side?

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