‘The Black Phone’ Director Said Ethan Hawke Is Going Through a ‘McConaissance,’ Fans Clap Back

The Black Phone marks a major moment for Ethan Hawke, who doesn’t tend to play horror villains. Co-writer/director Scott Derrickson recently made a comment that the actor is going through a sort of “McConaissance” with his performance as the serial killer called The Grabber. However, Hawke fans immediately clapped back at why they think that assessment of his career is total nonsense.

What is a ‘McConaissance?’

Ethan Hawke | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

The term “McConaissance” specifically refers to actor Matthew McConaughey, who transformed his career for the better. His initial success existed purely at the box office in romantic comedies, although critics and audiences made a joke out of him. McConaughey took a long break but ultimately managed to claw his way back to motion pictures. However, this time he would show an entirely different side of him.

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