The Historical past of the Marvel Brand That Just about every True Fan Just Has to Know

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has brought scores of new enthusiasts into the Marvel globe, but legitimate lovers know that it is a lot more than just the MCU. In addition to the comics, which offer the source product for the movies and Tv set reveals, the franchise also has an extensive line of online video online games. Whilst Stan Lee is thought of the godfather of Marvel, he was not the original publisher or creator. The franchise had a distinctive title and a radically different logo.  

Is Marvel the most successful comic franchise?

Marvel logo | Getty Images

The response to that depends on how success is calculated and is frankly worthy of its very own post. There is no doubt that, by most steps, Marvel is amazingly effective. Designed in 1939 as Well timed Comics, the enterprise now recognised as Marvel Comics employed 16-calendar year-previous Stanley Lieber in 1939 and appointed him as editor in 1941.

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