The Only Led Zeppelin Member Who Utilized a Stage Name

From the beginning, Led Zeppelin had a whole lot likely for it as a band on superficial levels. It began with the group’s unique title, courtesy of possibly Keith Moon or John Entwistle of The Who (depending on whom you question). In the meantime, the Zeppelin performed the kind of tunes that commanded attention in live performance halls of any dimensions.

What is additional, the band was remarkably photogenic, even if you under no circumstances observed a sweet Beatles-fashion (or a pouty Rolling Stones-type) image of the quartet on Zep album handles. And their names sounded great, much too. There could possibly not have been a “Hendrix” or “Moon” amid them, but John Henry Bonham sounded (correctly) like the identify of a pirate, though Jimmy Site had its individual peaceful difference.

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