The ‘Repulsive’ Episode That Still left Carroll O’Connor in Tears and Virtually Finished the Sequence

To hear All in the Loved ones creator and producer Norman Lear tell it, working with demonstrate star Carroll O’Connor was each a blessing and an affliction.

A blessing since when he to start with noticed O’Connor study for the role of Archie Bunker, he understood he’d found the only actor for the element. And doing work with the actor was an affliction because, Lear claimed, O’Connor made the weekly procedure of going around the show’s scripts “impossible.”

A single script in certain drove the actor to tears and practically resulted in the show’s long-lasting axing.

Carroll O’Connor as Archie Bunker in ‘All in the Family’, 1975 |
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The episode O’Connor discovered distasteful

As All in the Loved ones creator and producer Norman Lear explained in his 2014 memoir, Even This I Get to Knowledge, the actor was a joy to observe at his craft. He appeared to morph into the character of Archie Bunker seamlessly. Unfortunately, he poured an equal quantity of passion into the show’s scripts, using issue with virtually all of them, in accordance to Lear.

But the script that resulted in O’Connor dissolving into tears and lawyers, and with CBS threatening to destroy off the show solely was “The Elevator Story.”

Norman Lear discusses how he realized Carroll O’Connor was excellent as Archie Bunker

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In the next season’s fourteenth episode, which eventually did air in 1972, Archie finds himself on an elevator with a “working-class couple, evidently Latin.” The wife of the pair is “extremely expecting and anxious.”

The elevator also carries a “classy Black guy” and an “emotionally fragile female.”

Before long, the elevator receives stuck, the ordeal leads to the pregnant girl to go into labor and all people is trapped right until someone can get there to get it transferring once again.

O’Connor known as in attorneys

When O’Connor first study the script at the cast’s desk reading through, which Lear said “seemed an agony for Carroll,” the actor “announced there was no way in the environment he would do this exhibit.”

Logistically, the New York City-born actor explained, it would be extremely hard to shoot on an elevator with 5 actors. And the story by itself, Lear quoted O’Connor as stating was “a joke! You know you simply cannot do that! A little one born on the floor of a godd**n elevator! What is that all about? I really don’t want to communicate about this any longer!”

'All in the Family' episode 'Sammy's Visit' featuring (at right) Carroll O'Connor as Archie Bunker and (left) entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. (as himself), 1972
‘All in the Family’ episode ‘Sammy’s Visit’ featuring (at right) Carroll O’Connor as Archie Bunker and (remaining) entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. (as himself), 1972 | CBS via Getty Photos

Eventually, O’Connor called for an unexpected emergency assembly at CBS govt Robert Wood’s workplace, together with the actor’s attorney: “Carroll explained flat out that he considered this week’s script was repulsive and unplayable and that in no way was he heading to do it.”

Lear disagreed, of training course, and the heated discussion continued back again and forth.

“We were at a standoff,” Lear wrote. “In what became a heated argument, each different was discussed. There experienced to be one more script we could get prepared. Possibly even one without Archie?”

‘All in the Family’ nearly ceased to be

The producer claimed then that O’Connor lastly began to weep out of exasperation.

“Carroll fell to parts and started to cry,” Lear mentioned. “He couldn’t go on, hated the exhibit, could not bear me, and cried to a level that created me recognize that this conduct experienced to stop in this article.”

Lear went in advance and scheduled the episode for filming but O’Connor was a no-present. “CBS formally advised…Mr. O’Connor and his advisers that All in the Spouse and children would be canceled,” Lear wrote.

Immediately after more grappling in between O’Connor’s and the network’s attorneys, the exhibit went on. Lear explained the scene that experienced offended O’Connor in the first put: The couple give start on the elevator, “Archie’s expressions mirroring anything heading on – and then, slicing through the commotion, from the centre of all lifestyle, will come that first cry and Archie melts, basically melts at the wonder, the secret and beauty of it all.

“It was a watershed general performance.”

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