The Unusual Relationship Tying Fatboy Trim, Christopher Walken, and ‘Dune’ Alongside one another

May perhaps 2022: Christopher Walken joins the forged of the epic sci-fi movie Dune: Part Two, and fan response leans towards the favourable stop of the spectrum. Flashback to 2000, and Walken danced his way through the online video for the Fatboy Trim track Weapon of Choice. And back again in 2022, a lot of fans reacting to Walken’s casting claimed it fulfilled Fatboy Slim’s prophecy based on the lyrics of the track. The strange relationship amongst Dune, Walken, and Fatboy Slim is cute and exciting, but it is not why Walken landed the element.

In the novel Dune, author Frank Herbert particulars the plans in strategies in ideas. The Fatboy Slim-Walken-Dune tie is not part of some grand prepare, and director Denis Villeneuve is not satisfying a prophecy.

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