This is How The Singer Amazed Tamra Davis Into Directing

Britney Spears did not originally have a director connected to her teenager cult traditional Crossroads. Then Tamra Davis met her. The former songs video director the moment uncovered what Britney did that amazed her into determining to direct the 2002 dramedy.

Tamra Davis was negotiating for something else when a producer approached her about Britney Spears’ ‘Crossroads’ 

Britney Spears | Paramount/Getty Photographs

Getting to be the director of Britney Spears’ Crossroads,  was not likely for Tamra Davis. The spouse of The Beastie Boys’ Mike D and a prolific new music video director, Davis experienced a lot of working experience. Nonetheless, in 2001, she was currently in negotiations to immediate a further venture. 

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