Tom Petty Brought His Close friend With Him as a 3rd Wheel on Dates


  • Tom Petty turned near buddies with one particular of his childhood neighbors.
  • Tom Petty regularly let his pal tag along on his dates.
  • When he was young, Tom Petty tried out to guard himself from intimate interactions.

Tom Petty and Tom Leadon | Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Pictures

Tom Petty fulfilled one particular of his longtime pals and musical collaborators, Tom Leadon, when they ended up each youngsters. Nevertheless Petty was a little bit more mature, they quickly became near buddies. Eventually, they have been pretty much inseparable. Not only did they participate in in a band jointly, but Petty often permit Leadon tag along on dates as a 3rd wheel. Leadon described that it couldn’t have been an easy dynamic for Petty’s dates to navigate.

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