Trisha Yearwood’s ‘Un-fried’ Rooster ‘Is So Good’

Trisha Yearwood enjoys Southern food staples this sort of as fried rooster, mashed potatoes, and other stick to your ribs foods. Having said that, there are moments when she would like the taste and texture of individuals favorites without the excess energy. Just one of the most well known recipes for her Food items Network series Trisha’s Southern Kitchen is for “un-fried” hen. It is an uncomplicated approach to get the meat crispy outside, and tender within that company will love in a flash.

Trisha Yearwood | Discovery Press

Un-Fried Rooster is an uncomplicated weeknight meal

Yearwood states that this particular food is straightforward for a weeknight food. It comes with each other rather quickly and functions as a excellent key dish for the two little ones and adults.

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