Undesirable Bunny Done a Free Concert for Puerto Rican Followers — On Leading of a Gulf Gasoline Station

Poor Bunny thinks “Puerto Rico is f****** terrific,” in accordance to his song “El Apagón.” The Grammy-nominated artist even executed a totally free live performance there — on top rated of a Gulf gasoline station. Here’s what we know about this Coachella headliner and his hometown. 

The place is Undesirable Bunny from?

Poor Bunny doing through his 2nd live performance at Azteca Stadium, as a element of Globe Hottest Tour | Medios y Media/Getty Photos

Negative Bunny is the Grammy-nominated artist powering Un Verano Sin Ti, releasing “Me Porto Bonito,” “Titi Me Preguntó,” and other chart-topping hits. According to Britannica, this artist is from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and attended the University of Puerto Rico. 

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