‘Vanguard’ Jet Ski Stunt ‘Scared Me to Death’

Jackie Chan has carried out some of the most death-defying stunts in his occupation. It hardly ever will get less difficult for him although. His most current Hong Kong action movie, Vanguard, experienced brand name new stunts that pushed Chan to the brink. A jet ski chase, in which Chan rescues his workforce customers from pursuing negative fellas, turned into another near call for the action legend.

Jackie Chan | Gravitas Ventures

Vanguard is on digital VOD now and on Blu-ray and DVD March 9. Showbiz Cheat Sheet obtained an early duplicate of the Blu-ray. In the behind-the-scenes reward functions Chan and director Stanley Tong discussed the jet ski stunt that joins the ranks of Chan’s most dangerous.

‘Vanguard’ director Stanley Tong enjoys putting Jackie Chan in hazard

Granted, Chan was carrying out harmful stunts in Project A, Law enforcement Tale and Armor of God just before he met Tong. Even so, Tong helped Chan increase the stakes with Supercop, Rumble in the Bronx and Initial Strike. They ongoing to work alongside one another on The Fantasy and Kung Fu Yoga. Tong has desired to include this jet ski sequence for a when. 

Vanguard Blu-ray
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“I had the notion around 10 years ago to have racing and chasing down the white water into the waterfall,” Tong stated. “That is my dream sequence. It’s also pretty hard to shoot. I have shot in white drinking water prior to. I have shot in a waterfall just before and I know it’s incredibly unsafe.”

Stanley Tong tested the ‘Vanguard’ jet ski stunt out himself

Tong wouldn’t talk to Chan to do everything he would not do himself. So ahead of Chan obtained on the jet ski to chase the bad fellas, Tong received in the h2o. out?v=K7eo_fW55Lk

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“I consider to examination out the h2o myself,” Tong claimed. “I know how tricky it is. Right after I came again out, I was sitting down there 4 about 15 minutes [panting]. All over 15 minutes,I started to calm down and I come to feel amazing. Blessed, I have concluded the scene and also Jackie was not supposed to slide into the drinking water but regrettably he fell into the h2o.”

Jackie Chan explained the jet ski crash

Chan has fallen from fantastic heights and broken many bones. He nevertheless offers a gap in his cranium from the Armor of God accident, and he’s ongoing to function with broken bones, as the outtakes from Rumble in the Bronx revealed. When the jet ski crashed, it pinned him below the water. He explained what transpired from his point of view. 

“The jet ski flipped and trapped me,” Chan explained. “I pushed but I could not get it off. I could not go at all. Everybody held yelling pull it! The entire valley was filled with people today shouting and echoes.”

Jackie Chan with a machine gun
Jackie Chan | Gravitas Ventures

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On the set, appropriate just after the crew rescued Chan, he did not talk so calmly. Chan reviewed the footage and instructed Tong how it genuinely felt to be less than the jet ski.

“Wow, this scared me to dying,” Chan reported on the set.

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