Was Harrison Likely to Get rid of Audrey?

Dexter: New Blood followers are wondering about Harrison Morgan’s intentions when traveling to Audrey Bishop in episode 6. It seemed he was wanting for comfort and ease and a listening ear subsequent the drama with Dexter Morgan. But right after recognizing his weapon on him, there is concern that he may possibly have been organizing to hurt her. So, was Harrison heading to get rid of Audrey? Government producer Scott Reynolds has offered up an solution.

Harrison and Audrey from ‘Dexter: New Blood’ collection even now

The Harrison and Audrey scene in ‘Dexter: New Blood’ Episode 6, revisited

Audrey was by itself in her home when she was interrupted by the seem of anyone at her window — only to find it was Harrison. He stated he couldn’t snooze and needed to converse. Audrey comforted Harrison about his father and the anger he consistently feels, declaring she can relate to his struggles in lots of techniques.

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