What Has Peter Kraus Been Doing Given that Rachel Lindsay’s Year and Is He One?

The Bachelorette, and other Bachelor Country shows, always bring in a wide array of contestants that attract the consideration of the audience. Though only a person contestant can earn, fans discover on their own having connected to the distinct contestants, and contestants even get to use the show to achieve a new stage of fame and influencer position!

Peter Kraus | Paula Lobo/Getty Photographs

One particular Bachelorette contestant that caught fans’ consideration was Peter Kraus from Rachel Lindsay’s time. Although Kraus didn’t stop up jointly with Lindsay, he did make it all the way to the last episode. Considering that Kraus is not with Lindsay, he’s experienced less limelight than her spouse from the display. So what is he up to now? Has he created use of his fame from The Bachelorette? And is he seeing anybody new?

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