Where by Are the Assanti Brothers Currently?

My 600-lb Existence drop gentle on the life of individuals with being overweight. On the show, these complicated conditions are adopted by the renowned bariatric surgeon, Dr. Nowzaradan. His individuals simply call him Dr. Now. TLC follows sufferers that vacation hundreds of miles and decide on up their overall life to see the medical doctor and get bariatric surgical treatment. Steven and Justin Assanti were being two of Dr. Now’s most difficult clients. Neither brother managed to eliminate much bodyweight on the present. According to Looper, they are continue to attempting to achieve a balanced life-style.

The Assanti brothers experienced a sophisticated journey on ‘My 600-lb Life’ at?v=MbJfGmuCvzg

Steven Assanti and Justin Assanti ended up the two dangerously obese. When viewers were being released to Steven Assanti, he weighed 800 lbs .. He was hardly cellular, and his addiction difficulties were out of regulate.

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