Which Character Did Mike White Relate to the Most?

The White Lotus writer/director Mike White shared that he relevant most to the hotel concierge, Armond, revealing that he discovered with “dancing for the person.” The six-episode HBO series came to a stunning end, at last unveiling which character dies. But White shared that of the richly drawn characters he designed, Armond spoke to him in several elements, balancing the need to have to you should even though flipping off the “suits” with double center fingers.

Why did Mike White discover with Armond from ‘The White Lotus’?

White dished about why he discovered most with the hotel concierge. “I guess that was the character I relate to the most,” he instructed Vulture after the series wrapped. “I often really feel like I’m in the services industry, even while I’m not. Dancing for the man — I uncover myself performing that a whole lot. Occasionally I’m entire in, and I want to be a white-glove-assistance screenwriter: do fantastic perform but also be pleasant, a ‘give the fits what they want’ form of particular person. And then when I experience like they convert on me or I’m not highly regarded or a thing terrible occurs, then I’m like, [holds up two middle fingers] F–k this location!

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