Why Charli XCX States She ‘F***** Herself’ With ‘Break the Rules’

Charli XCX carries on to carve out her own specialized niche in the pop star hierarchy. She is far more than prepared to experiment with her sound and investigate new tips with leftfield producers when also earning mainstream achievement that expands her reach in the audio business. A single of Charli’s earliest breakout singles was “Break the Rules” in 2014. The song acquired lots of praise at the time. But the artist has given that said that, in hindsight, she would’ve left the track on the slicing place ground. 

‘Break the Rules’ was one of Charli XCX’s first massive hits

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“Break the Rules” was the next one for Charli’s second album, Sucker. The rebellious pop track has hints of pop-punk and dubstep.

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