Why Does the Comedian Acquire His Shirt off In the course of His Stand-up Performances?

Bert Kreischer is a comic, actor, truth television host, and podcaster. If you’ve at any time witnessed Kreischer carry out stand-up comedy before, you’re familiar with his design. Kreischer likes to acquire his shirt off. But lots of people— the two admirers of Kreischer and the haters — ponder why Kreischer normally takes his shirt off when he does stand-up comedy. Ironically, there’s a good reason for his stylistic decision.

Bert Kreischer | FilmMagic

Why does Bert Kreischer choose his shirt off for the duration of his stand-up comedy? 

Kreischer stated his doing design to Vlad Television. When questioned about why he takes his shirt off, Kreischer claimed: “Fat fellas take their shirts off all the time at dwelling.” 

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