Why Is V’s Mixtape Delayed?

BTS supporters are constantly keen for news about Jungkook, Jin, V, RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin’s new audio. Though the adult males have been with each other due to the fact they 1st began BTS in 2013, they have usually taken care of exceptional individual identities.

In simple fact, in the latest years, they’ve been operating on solo assignments with the hopes of allowing for their fans to get to know them on a much more personal degree. Here’s what we know about V’s mixtape and solo songs.

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Does V have a mixtape?

In March 2020, V to start with commenced hinting at his mixtape during a are living stream with his bandmate and good friend RM. He stated to the BTS Army that he experienced been performing on some solo music for some time but that he only had a few tunes recorded. Just one of the tracks, “Sweet Evening,” can be read in Netflix’s K-Drama Itaewon Class.

Later in the BTS’ docuseries Break The Silence, V bought candid about some of the struggles he was dealing with with regards to his mixtape. He spelled out that songwriting and remaining responsible for each and every single lyric was a whole lot a lot more demanding than he predicted.

“I won’t be equipped to write poetic lyrics like Namjoon (RM), but I’d like to compose lyrics that express my true thoughts,” he stated. “It’s not easy. How do I get my legitimate inner thoughts throughout?”

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What music will be on V’s mixtape?

Despite his songwriting challenges, V has continued working on his solo music, providing his enthusiasts sneaks peaks as his seem and his mixtape. During a June 9, 2020 livestream, V discovered that amid quarantine, he’d been creating a ton each solitary working day. He revealed that it was “the life” he’d been residing on a day-to-day foundation.

“I really do not know how a lot of tunes I have obtained that will go on the mixtape, but I think I’ve got about 8 songs published,” V described. “I want to only give Army very good music, so I’m thinking a lot although I produce them.”

Through the 12 months, V has been providing the Army samples of his uncoming mixtape which all seem to include romantic lyrics backed by bluesy instrumentals.

In a Nov. 2020 press convention about BTS’ hottest album BE V stated, “While creating [BE], it did not involve the common and jazz type, but the mixtape I’m making ready before long will have all those kinds of vibes.”

When will V release his mixtape?

In a YouTube online video in August 2020 posted to BTS’ YouTube website page, V revealed that had was hoping that his mixtape would be out by the finish of the yr. Fans even guessed that the singer would fall the new music all over his 25th birthday on December 20, 2020. Regretably, that did not come about.

Now, all through a Feb. 27, 2021, BE-hind job interview, V has confirmed that his mixtape has been delayed and that there is no launch date set on the publications. It appears to be that the singer is not quite content with the quality of the undertaking and he’s nevertheless operating to make some improvements and tweaks.

Having said that, all is not lost, V has promised to release his new music as quickly as he’s content with it

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