Why Led Zeppelin Songs Weren’t in the Animated Movie

Led Zeppelin referenced The Lord of the Rings in many of its tracks. In the course of the generation of his animated movie The Lord of the Rings, director Ralph Bakshi attained out to the band to see if he could use its tunes in his movie. The associates of the band were being excited to have their songs in the film nonetheless, it was not to be.

Led Zeppelin | Chris Walter / Contributor

What the director of the animated ‘The Lord of the Rings’ considered of Led Zeppelin

In an job interview with Necessary, Bakshi disclosed he was a huge admirer of Led Zeppelin, contacting it “one of the world’s great rock bands.” He said he wished to use the band’s tracks in his film Wizards, but he did not have the funds to receive the rights at the time. His upcoming film after Wizard was The Lord of the Rings.

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