Why Some Enthusiasts Were being Stunned and Perplexed By Rafael’s Unexpected Exit

Legacies gave a sad farewell to Rafael this 7 days, and supporters are not thrilled. He is a major character on the CW present, and viewers weren’t anticipating him to be prepared off so unexpectedly. Here’s what some Legacies fans experienced to say about Raf’s sudden exit.

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Rafael gets an emotional goodbye on ‘Legacies’

In the 2nd episode of year 3 of Legacies, “Goodbyes Sure Do Suck,” Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith) and his good friends learn that the Necromancer’s (Ben Geurens) magical link to him has been severed. And when he begins to cough up the darkish sludge that Chad did, they recognize he only has a day to stay.

Rafael decides to shell out the day with his good friends and relatives. But Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) and Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) scramble to obtain a way to save him. By nightfall, they know none of their magical tips would operate. So Hope employs the supernova to make a specific prison earth for Rafael.

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At dawn, Rafael is joined by his father, Walt (Jason Turner), and mom, Lucia (Sophina Brown), in his new jail globe. All the Salvatore School college students briefly stop by him there to say goodbye. Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) sticks close to to the finish and palms Rafael the Excalibur sword. In the ultimate scenes, figuring out they’ll be in the jail globe for a extended time, Rafael and his mothers and fathers check out to reconnect as a loved ones.

Rafael’s origins ended up teased in the period premiere

In the debut episode of the season, Legacies teased a more substantial story arc for Rafael. When the Lady of the Lake, Nimue, appeared, she declared that only a person with royal blood could wield Excalibur. Right after numerous of his buddies tried out and failed, Rafael grabbed the sword and killed the monster coming to assault.

Landon teased Rafael about being a descendant of King Arthur. And whilst Rafael brushed it off, the reason he was equipped to seize the sword was remaining unexplained.

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‘Legacies’ enthusiasts are baffled by Rafael’s unexpected departure

After looking at Rafael wield Excalibur, most Legacies supporters expected to see additional of his backstory create. But when his pals each individual reported their emotional goodbyes, viewers had been remaining with an sudden finality to his character. Some enthusiasts shared their frustrations and unveiled how shocked and perplexed they were by the episode.

“I’m really upset and sad about what occurred to him,” a Reddit user wrote. “I was so enthusiastic that we ended up going to communicate about his Royal heritage and give him a storyline! and this happens… it is not truthful.”

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“The simple fact that we observed out about Raf staying a descendant of King Arthur and we’ll hardly ever obtain out why…upsets me,” a further Redditor shared. “My boi ultimately bought some storyline and plot and growth. He is absent [sic].”

Neither the forged nor crew has uncovered particulars about Rafael’s foreseeable future on the show. But some supporters are nonetheless keeping out for hope.

“I definitely hope by the conclude of the year that they obtain a way to provide him again,” just one Reddit supporter wrote.  “Because I never feel the Jail entire world must be utilised as a extended time period solution taking into consideration that would get outdated even if all people in the school would check out [sic].

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