Written content Creators Existing in Court docket Say Anna Duggar Rolled Her Eyes All through the Lawful Proceedings

Josh Duggar was convicted on two kid pornography counts in December 2021. The father of 7 was sentenced to extra than 12 many years in jail for people crimes on May well 25. For the entirety of the authorized proceedings, his spouse, Anna Duggar, was by his side. At any time because his arrest, rumors have swirled that Anna doesn’t imagine Joshua is guilty. In point, it is rumored that she thinks he was framed. Two written content creators sat in on Josh Duggar’s sentencing listening to. They reportedly caught Anna Duggar rolling her eyes when the prosecution stated that Josh has a pattern of actions that suggests he is a menace to prepubescent girls. The spied instant could ensure that Anna doesn’t believe that a single point the prosecution has explained about her troubled spouse.

SoJo Files and Elle Bee sat in on Josh Duggar’s sentencing 

SoJo Information and Elle Bee, written content creators who have been subsequent Josh Duggar’s lawful drama, attended his sentencing. Seated inside the courtroom, shut to Jim Bob Duggar and Anna Duggar, the duo witnessed the ensuing drama. They’ve shared almost everything they noticed and read in a collection of YouTube video clips and Podcast episodes. 

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