YOUNITE on Their Debut Album and Their Plans for the Foreseeable future

YOUNITE debuted with BRANDNEW Music on April 20 with an EP called Youni-Start. The K-pop group is produced up of nine users: Eunho, Eunsang, Steve, Hyunseung, Hyungseok, Woono, DEY, Kyungmun, and Sion.

Youni-Start consists of 6 tracks, most notably the song “1 of 9,” which presents enthusiasts an introduction to the members. Next the release of Youni-Delivery, Showbiz Cheat Sheet emailed YOUNITE issues about their debut, and Eunho, Eunsang, Steve, Hyunseung, Hyungseok, DEY, Kyungmun, and Sion despatched some solutions back.

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